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  • Bud Light - Fire Br...

    Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial shows a romantic dinner where a woman starts to light candles on the dinner table until the man says, "Allow me" and gracefully breathes fire to light them instead. She sits back, dumb-founded and says, "Wowwww" but then the guy asks, "do you have a cat?" because he is apparently allergic. He begins to sneeze, shooting fireballs across the room, singeing the tablecloth, the cat, and much of the room before he gets it under control. The last cut shows an angry woman, holding a charred cat and the guy saying, "I'm Really Sorry!" and a voice-over says, "No longer available with the ability to breathe fire."

    posted02/04/2008 12:38 PM

    views  3206

    rating   0

  • Frozen Grand Central

    From, over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.

    posted02/03/2008 01:10 PM

    views  595

    rating   0

  • Hillary in New Hamp...

    Hillary makes her first campaign stop in The Granite State.

    posted01/29/2008 10:17 PM

    views  502

    rating   0

  • Obama's response to...

    Barack Obama responds to George W. Bush's final State of the Union address.

    posted01/29/2008 04:38 PM

    views  743

    rating   0

  • The Conversation St...

    Iowans welcome Hillary as she visits the state in her first campaign stop.

    posted01/29/2008 01:02 AM

    views  533

    rating   0

  • Breakdancer Kicks B...

    She got served...

    posted01/17/2008 02:17 AM

    views  63530

    rating   0

  • Tesla Coils playing...

    Twin Solid State Musical Tesla coils playing Mario Bros theme song at the 2007 Lightning on the Lawn Teslathon

    posted12/16/2007 06:25 PM

    views  567

    rating   0

  • catching wallet [bu...

    Catching a wallet at bullet speed..

    posted12/16/2007 06:50 PM

    views  614

    rating   0


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